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The wave of sophistication and diversification of what is required of the logistics industry is coming in. In order to be able to ride this wave well, our company understands what is needed. Our motto is to grow with our customers, and we strive to do that every day. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We strive to serve our customers while determining what is changing and we change with it. We aim to be a one-of-a-kind company that deliver the best service possible and to trusted by everyone. Kakushin Transport

Company Profile

From our CEO

Tomoyuki Onji, CEO
Along with major changes in society, the logistics industry is constantly in need of change and evolution. Therefore, to become a bridge in logistics, it is important to identify needs and respond quickly to raise the quality of our services to satisfy our customers. In order to do that, our drivers are essential. We value our drivers and work together with our employees to create a safe and comfortable work environment. We will continue to evolve, aiming to be a one-of-a-kind company that is trusted as a customer's best partner, on a foundation where each employee’s mind and body are healthy.
Tomoyuki Onji, CEO

Company Information

Company Information

Company Name
Kakushin Transport Co., LTD.
Nobuyuki Iwaki
Tomoyuki Onji
Operations Officer
Kazuhiro Tateishi
Isao Iijima
Headquarters Location
394 Kuratomi, Naka-Ku, Okayama City, Okayama 703-8264
Phone Number
FAX Number
Year Established
Primary Services
general local and long-range transport / Industrial waste collection and transport
Service Locations
Headquarters Office Okayama / Hiroshima / Tsuyama / Hyogo
Number of Employees
Number of Vehicles
107(10t: 89, 4t: 15 / 3t: 3 / All vehicles have Front Drive recorders and rear backup cameras)
Affiliated Companies
Houjyouji Transport / HK Auto Service / Itomosu / Seihou Industrial
Primary Customers
Sagawa Transport / Okayama Freight Transportation / Chuo Chemical / KINBUTSUREX

Company History

Began offering services in Tsuyamaguchi
Moved headquarters office to Hirosaka
Opened Fukuyama Office
Moved headquarters office to its current location in Okayama, opening an office there
Opened Hiroshima Office
Opened Hyogo Office
Changed from a Limited Liability Company to a Corporation
Began selling tires for trucks and semis
Company History

Initiatives・Truck Information


Based in Okayama Prefecture,
we transport goods mainly between the Kinki
and Chugoku regions of Japan.

We provide local and long distance logistices services to a wide range of customers. By cooperating with group and partner companies we strive for customer satisfaction by providing high quality, detailed, and dependable service with an extensive network.
dependable service with an extensive network

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism Certified "Safety Excellence Office".

We aquired the “G Mark”, which is based on three criteria: safety compliance with laws and regulations, accidents and violations, and aggressive safety initiatives. We also continuously work to further improve customer satisfaction.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism Certified "Safety Excellence Office". What is the Certified Safety Excellence Office (G Mark)?

The All Japan Trucking Association, a nationwide cargo transportation optimization project executing agency, evaluates truck transport operators' efforts on road safety measures and other measures at each business establishment, and recognizes business establishments that have cleared certain standards of the cargo trucking business. The cargo transportation business safety evaluation project aims to make it easier for customers to select a more secure cargo transport operator and to raise the awareness of safety improvement thoughout the entire business. It is a system to properly evaluate, certify and announce safety.

Truck Information

Truck Type Head
Tsuyama Hiro
10t Low Wing 30 15 14 5
Wing Gate 7 8 1 0
Van 2 0 0 0
Mid Wing 2 2 0 0
High Wing 3 0 0 0
4t Wing 2 1 2 0
Gate 4 0 0 0
Van 4 1 1 0
3t Van 3 0 0 0
Total 57 27 18 5

*As of 5/2020


■Headquarters Location
  • Fuel Tank: 20KL
  • Vehicle Pressure Washer: 2
  • Maintenance Shop
  • Tire Change Machine: 1
  • Mobile Tire Change Vehicles: 2
  • (Dedicated Service Staff: 3)
■Tsuyama Office
  • Fuel Tank: 20KL
  • Vehicle Pressure Washer: 2
  • Maintenance Shop
  • Tire Change Machine: 1
  • (Dedicated Service Staff: 2)
■Hiroshima Office
  • Fuel Tank 30KL
  • Vehicle Pressure Washer: 1
■Hyogo Office
  • Vehicle Pressure Washer: 1

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    Q. What are Kakushin Transport's strengths?
    A. You can trust us, because all of our work is managed and scheduled to get to its destination on time.
    Q. Do you recruit female drivers?
    A. Yes, we currently have 3 female drivers.
    Q. What qualifications are needed for hiring?
    A. Medium-sized or Large-sized Vehicle License, as well as a forklift license is helpful.
    Q. What kind of insurance do you provide?
    A. We provide health insurance, workers compensation insurance, and employee pension.
    Q. What kind of materials do you handle?
    A. We primarily work with major couriers, supermarkets, and drug stores.
    Q. How are employees assigned?
    A. Employees are assigned to an office near their home.
    Q. What qualifications can be acquired while working?
    A. We support obtaining large-sized vehicle licensing and forklift licensing.
    Q. What about holidays and pay?
    A. Pay is dependent on the course assignment. Employees have one or two days off each week.